Today was my first day off of the New Year and I thought to myself ‘self, let’s clean our room and do our laundry’ which did not happen.  Self was speaking with Dr. Stephens, which in turn allowed me to be part of an experiment. Here is the exact conversation.

Christina Stephens

Okay, I am off to buy mice… LOL
Sarah Damon

me too???
I want an albino one!
Christina Stephens

Sarah Damon

Why for real?
Christina Stephens

For science
Read the post on mtn dew.
Sarah Damon

I did.
so we are using real mice? live ones?
ooo… when can I come over and note and things?
I want to help.
Christina Stephens

Okay! Come over.
We can get the mice together.
Sarah Damon

I have to shower and get dress it may be a little while.
Christina Stephens

wanna get the mice with me?
Sarah Damon

hurrying now. Stopped laundry so I could shower
Sarah Damon

I have never showered so fast in my life.
Christina Stephens

You’re done?!
Sarah Damon
I had indeed taken an extremely short shower and had read her post. It was great and here is the original article. Now the actual experiment is based off of the claims from PepsiCo. We originally head off to a local pet store where we discussed how we were going to do the experiment starting with euthanizing the mice. Luckily when we got there the procedure was already done and we were given the option of getting mice that were frozen. We got a totally of twelve mice, six of which were pinkies and 6 of which were adults. We also stopped by a local grocer and got corn syrup and mason jars.
When we got back to the Skeptipalace we began the experiment. We recorded the whole thing and it will be on Ziztur’s Youtube page soon and probably on her guest appearances on JT’s blog; which seems to be her new home. I am proud to be a part of this experiment and wanted to make sure it was known.
The twelve jars were grouped in pairs to contain nothing, water, lemon-water, lemon-sugar-water, lemon-corn syrup water, and mt dew. The nothing jars were the control to see how decomposition would happen on its own in an emptied environment. We placed pinkies in one set and adults in the other, according to Flimsy the adults were ‘daddies’. In approximately one week we will get together and record our findings. Then set a new time line.  More updates will be on its way.
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